Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am working on integration project which mainly deals with two other system.
when this task comes to me I designed a question airs for other teams.In this development. I have learned some good points during integration analysis.
These points are under mentioned.
1) Always go through details analysis of front end application(which helps you to understand about system functionality)
2) System back office knowledge (It will help you to understand about the technical complexity which you will faced during integration,existing work-flow)
3) Existing system's deployment architecture so will be aware how you communicate with them.
I am also attaching my question air with this post,It will guide in you integration development.



System(Service Name)



what is purpose of this webmethod

Nature of Interaction


Response Time (Approx.)

response time of this service mthod

Transactional Integrity

How you ensure transactional integrity

Message Format

Xml string/DataObject....


one dataset can entertain multiple time

Security Implementation

security mechnaism


Is it availabe 24/7

Change Management

what if you are releasing new version of Service then forward or back comptible

Proposed Scheduling

any downtime


service is depened on any other service

Expected Messages Frequency

500 per day


responsible person of this service