Saturday, July 7, 2012

sharepoint inbox automatic login

In order to login the MyInbox automatically, please configure the Outlook web access(OWA) to use Windows Integrated authentication, and make sure we can use the Internet Explorer(IE) to access the mail box without login.
If you are promptting login dialog, it might be caused by the IE cannot use the current credential to access the mail box. Please follow these steps to fix it:
  1. Open IE
  2. Click the menu Tools > Internet Options...
  3. Go to "Security" tab
  4. Select "Intranet sites" or "rusted sites" zone
  5. Add the OWA to the zone.
  6. Click OK to apply.
  7. Click "Custom Level"
  8. Check the item "Auto logon with current username andd password"
  9. Click "OK" to apply.
Now, you should be able to access the OWA without login, and then you are able to access the MyInbox directly within a SharePoint site.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How to fix outlook activex outlctlx.CAB problem ( it can ‘t open second time)

How to fix outlook active x problem ( it can ‘t open second time)
Acutally I have experience this problem in my open first time email but when I try to open it second time it hangs and have refresh browser.
It happen with Outlook 32 bit
Updated the registry in your client machine with the following setting.
Added the following value to the key:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

why nintex task take time to assign

In state machines and loops, by default, a 1 min delay is inserted to prevent a user from accidentally creating a workflow with an infinite loop and hogging system resources. Unfortunately, a 1 min workflow delay in SharePoint usually translates to about 5 mins.

This is called 'safe looping' and can be disabled in Central Administration under Application Management -> Nintex Workflow -> Global Settings -> Enforce safe looping workflows. After you disable it, reset iis then re-publish your workflow. You should then see the state transitions happen immediately without delay.