Saturday, May 24, 2008

What is Share Point?

What is Windows share point3.0?

WSP3.0 is consisting of these features.

· Storage

· Security

· Deployment

· Site Model

· Deployment


Windows share point server3.0 providing us best way of storing our contents (documents of any type, custom binary files, and web contents) with classification of their major and minor versions, metadata with full data management capabilities. All Data reside in MS SQL server.


Security is everyone’s concern WSP3.0 providing a range of security providers. NTLM, Kerberos, Active Directory, Single Sign On Server (SSO), Forms authentication and we can apply security permissions on entire sites and its individual items.

It’s very helpful to integrate these providers because without implementing a new security policy we can use existing security policy. Like we can allow those who are already had an account on Active Directory list and more or different security features with other providers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

user control casting of different directory

Today I face a very good problem­­ :) in user controls and I am sure most of our developers face this same problem when they havily use usercontrols in their projects.
I have two controls one has a dropdown on the change of this dropdown selection I have to notify other controls .Yes you are right I promptly go for observer pattern but in .net we have events a good replacement. So I expose this dropdown event as property.But problem is I have to know the this dropdown selected value on other events also like on grid selection.So its better to expose this dropdown selected Item as property.Above discussion have only technical complexity ,but problem you face is different.I have to cast this dropdown usercontrol in its own type but in other user control.
ui_usercontrols_common_namefinder_ascx ucCurrentnamefinder = (ui_usercontrols_common_namefinder_ascx)namefinder;
namefinder.NameChange +=new EventHandler(OnNameChange);
You will get the error “you are referenceing unkown type or assembly”.so you have to specify a tag of Reference VirtualPath = "../Common/namefinder.ascx"
you have to use this tag in that control in which you want to access other controls like in my case is namefinder.ascx
Then you should also use asp as prefix of control for safe side as following.
ui_usercontrols_common_namefinder_ascx ucCurrentnamefinder = (ui_usercontrols_common_namefinder_ascx)namefinder;
namefinder.NameChange +=new EventHandler(OnNameChange);