Monday, September 2, 2013

Cannot connect to server at this time. Your list cannot be published

1.Cannot connect to server at this time. Your list cannot be published
2.Excel can't import the data from Sharepoint List
3.Cannot connect to server at this time. Your list cannot be published

These are all the error we faced when we try to import data form Sharepoint to Excel sheet.
I spent many hours to figure out this issue , I found list of solution. I decide to list all the solution
because one of the solution should work in your scenario. A clue to solve these type of errors is "security" settings.

Here is solution links

Solution 1: // Check Sharepoint list premisison

Solution 2: // Check your IE certificate security Setting
Open your Internet Explorer.

1. Click on Tools, then Internet Options
2. Go to Advaced tab
3. Scroll down to security and then uncheck the "Check for server certification revocation"
4. Restart your browser and then try again to import the list again. This should work.

Solution 3:
// but not sure it works or not some time we don't have permission to create anything as this solution suggest to do.

Solution 4:
This is the solution I found on my own becasue after checking the security settings of SharePoint List(Permission) for the current user (who try to import the list data), then IE certificate security
settings. I conclude that Excel has some permission issue with Sharepoint List because I was access the List through "Https" Protocol.
I open the excel sheet in the Main menu Data-->From Web---> connect to the SharePoint site it ask the credentials after providing the credentials of user then try to import
the List data to Excel. Logic here is Excel saves this Credentials which helps to import the actual list data.
Follow these steps:

1.If your list is not already open, click its name on the Quick Launch. If the name of your list doesn't appear, click View All Site Content, and then click the name of your list.
2.On the Actions menu Actions menu, click Export to Spreadsheet.
3.If you are prompted to confirm the operation, click OK.
4.Windows SharePoint Services 2.0
5.If your list is not already open, click Documents and Lists, and then click the name of your list.
6.On the page that displays the list, under Actions, click Export to spreadsheet.
7.In the File Download dialog box, click Open.
8.If you are prompted whether to enable data connections on your computer, click Enable if you believe the connection to the data on the SharePoint site is safe to enable.
9.Do one of the following:
10.If no workbook is open, Excel creates a new blank workbook and inserts the data as a table on a new worksheet.
11.If a workbook is open, do the following in the Import Data dialog box that appears:
12.Under Select how you want to view this data in your workbook, click Table, PivotTable Report, or PivotChart and PivotTable Report.
13.Under Where do you want to put the data, click Existing worksheet, New worksheet, or New workbook.
14.If you click Existing worksheet, click the cell where you want to place the upper-left corner of the list.

Click OK.


Unknown said...

Hi, your article gave me a clue for my issue - I could not extract a list from Sharepoint to Excel, I was getting the same error "Cannot connect to server..." . I followed your steps (option 4) and logged in to the page from within Excel. I got some rubbish, but when I went back to IE and tried to extract to Excel, it finally worked :-)


Unknown said...

Thank you very much Nasich.
It was your only post that unlocked me to continue with my project.
I really appreciate your work !!

bitultorah said...

Thank you for your work.
I tried a bunch of things, including what you mentioned, but there was one more step that I needed to take. I added my site to the security (I think that was #2) and unchecked the "require verification". However, it still didn't work. I then went and for "trusted sites" I lowered the security to low, and it uploaded.

Thank you,

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pgdleo said...

Thank you! Option 4 works for me.

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mohamed elmahdi said...

for me was the domaine name in login, i must connect using "DOMAINE\username".